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The CEO and the FUCK BUDDY

The CEO and the FUCK BUDDY

Dyanne Santiago is the youngest CEO in the country. Falling in love with a wrong man made Dyanne change the way how she look about love. He was her first love yet he's the first man to broke her heart into pieces. She became depressed because of what happened. For Dyanne, the only way to make revenge is to make every man she's meeting with, fall for her. Play with their hearts and leave them. Until she met Roah Montes. The bartender/guess buddy who fell in love with Dyanne and made a promise that he will make the woman who makes his heart beat fast, fall for him. But Dyanne never wants to enter in a serious relationship. All she wants is to play with love and make every man feel the pain she had felt. Will Roah accept that she only wants him to be her FUCK BUDDY? What will happen if FATE play with them?

CarpeDiem2019 · Romance
Not enough ratings