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Snow Elf's Path

Snow Elf's Path

Extinction is near. The end is close for the Legendary Snow Elves. Nords, took their land and a mass massacre followed. The remaining survivors spread in small camps, hidding in the woods, in ruins or caves. Just for some of them to meet a bitter end from the monsters who called those places their home. But. Yet there is hope. In this first Era of Tamriel, in the year 420. A Hero arose. Dovakhiin. A Snow Elf that can speak the language of Dragons. Such raw power, able to turn the tides in battle and able to bring end to his own kind as well. A careful approach is mandatory without doubt. Such power, can stop the Nordic revolution. Such power can help the remaining Snow Elves build a hidden base and repopulate without fatal circumstances. To grow, To overcome, or even to take back their land. Will they be sucessful or will they completely banish from existence? Only one way to find out. Update rate: Minimum: 4 times a week. Goal: 7 Times a week. Chapter Length: 1000 Words. (Worth nothing that my Update rate here is slower because i have a 28 times a week goal at my other book, ELECTUS.)

MisterE05 · Fantasy
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