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Douluo dalu 2: And the spirit of music?

I want to write a fic that is different from the other fic and super ops desires because I find it unpleasant and spoils the experience of the story. The protagonist will rediscover himself over time and change his personality throughout history because he was very broken and pretended to be someone he was not and with the loss of half of his memories it will influence his new personality. ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE THEN SINCE I EXCUSE MISTAKES !!

Absoluto · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

SOUL LAND: A reincarnator with system

hello friends so this story is going to be a boy who has been reborn into soul land world , he has prior knowledge of future , he will not be extremely op int the start but he will be op in the fiture . [ THIS IS MY FIRST TIME WRITING ] ( English is not my native language there will be grammar mistakes just writing it for betterment if you find any mistakes please do ignore them or. you can leave if you like perfect novels without mistakes ) { MC wil not op not extremely op from the start he will grow slowly and mc will be smartass not any kind of dumb mc , his dream is to be stronger ) STORY DOESN'T BELONG TO ME --- • SOUL LAND • { THAK YOU }

AuThoR_kUn_1 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings