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Astral's Oubliette

Astral's Oubliette

"In every conceivable manner, the family is a link to our past, bridge to our future." – Alex Haley Every night when certain individuals close their eyes and start sleeping, they are pulled into a place called "The Personal Dimensions". During their stay there, they are capable of manipulating the contents of the dimension to their whim. However, evil creatures called Draugrs appear to prey on these humans, forcing them to defend themselves with the help of an entity to guide them. Soon after a fated encounter, Klaus is discovered to have been "reincarnated" and is able to enter the Personal Dimensions and fight – while balancing his school life, his social life and his new dungeon-crawling life. ___________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ *This story is also published on royalroad.com and scribblehub.com

HavenlyJeep · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
Forgotten Kingdoms
Volume I

Forgotten Kingdoms Volume I

Welcome to Forgotten Kingdoms a VR game where MC explores the unknown kingdoms of the past. Things are more than they seem as MC quickly discovers as he ventures into the game world during the beta test version of the game. The events unfolding turn into a reality that will change everything.

Mat_D · Video Games
Not enough ratings