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Dead/Lost: The Knights of Frozen Sea

Ishizaki Haruhisa is a Holy Elf who was born in Northlandia, a heavenly land that is blessed by the Gods Themselves. Born to a loving family that came from a lineage of heroes, blessed with good and loyal friends and servants, and moreover, a lover who loved him with every ounce of her heart. ...He is destined for greatness, the path of heroes, and a path that he turned away from. He ran away from his own fate that is already set by The Gods, and he shall learn that fate is not something that anyone could ran away from…. …Enraged by his insolence, The Gods punished him by gambling away the very thing that he holds dear, his destiny, with a game of dices. One by one, everything he values and loves slip away from his grasp, his trusted friends, his loyal companion, his loving family and finally, his dearly beloved. Having lost everything, he had lost himself in the “Eternal Black Flame”, paying for every sins he had ever committed. …It is at this point that Ishizaki Haruhisa finally realizes, “I was wrong”. (C) artwork is from overdoor

White_Falcon21 · Fantasy

TRA: A Gods Sorrow

Grall, chieftain of none, has just became the god of death. He must learn how to control his abilities as the world of Xeno-Movia spirals towards the end of its cycle. Grall isn't the only one who is going through changes, as Grodak suffers from the consequence of killing a Casarn. A strange woman with wings appears, claiming to be Tyrils sister, new members are added to the party, and all hell breaks loose at the gates of Hell. Join us as we explore the bowels of hell and find out what this mysterious winged angel want from the group. How Grall, chieftain of none and the God of death, comes to terms with his powers. Find all this out, and more, here in book two of the Brothers of the Scar: A Gods Sorrow. Disclaimer The Rebirth Algorithm is a product of Jarada Daedre. If you want to play a game of TRA then join us on mrpg, or play a game of your own using the 1e handbook on my page. All art is owned by the respective artist.

Mr_Eppeak · Fantasy
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