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The 24th Fortress (not in writing)

The 24th Fortress (not in writing)

THE 24TH FORTRESS During ancient times we have aways wanted to be THE LAST ONE on earth Well the zombie apocalypse began like any zombie story So then What is the 24th Fortress? As the name implies then 24th Fortress is one of the last bastions of earth The places that have these FORTRESSES. In the past these locations were major Castles or old government facilities Even the biggest Game dev studio Has become one.But the 24th fortress is the one Major governments created it U.S.A,U.K,Canada,Australia,New Zealand,Japan and more! However today is the 250th anniversary of the zombie Apocalypse All shelters mourn this lost except Omeg-You know never mind. The biggest Question on this day is WHAT started it Aw yeah Our fortress has Mark 2 Porpsion systems This allows us to move locations to harvest minerals Also here's a little fact For SOME REASON the minerals underground have begun growing.We have no idea why Wait is it tha-TRANSMISION LOST From a guy called dudebro

dudebro26 · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings