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Rewriting Destiny

Rewriting Destiny

❤️❤️❤️ Alpha Kaige leads one of the most powerful packs throughout US, the Duskfall Pack. However, unlike other wolf packs they are a little bit different for they are not a fan of moon goddess that they decided to go against her will. They associate themselves with witches and each of their member undergoes a ritual once they reach the age of thirteen in order to block the matebond. Everything in their pack is in a perfect order until a he stumbles with a hardheaded human. Running away from an unknown enemy who's trying to capture her. Xyris find herself in Duskfall territory. Hindi niya ninais manatili sa isla. The place give her creeps enough to give her human side anxiety. Little did she know that the reason behind those creeps will force her to stay in the Island. He's a werewolf while she's a human. Someone who has a duty to keep the balance in nature while the other one is willing to move heaven and earth just to go against the law of nature. Two different people with different world and beliefs apart however destiny decided to play with them, entangling their souls together in a web called love. Will they be able to rewrite their destiny or will they comply to the call of nature? Which is stronger? Is it the tradition we follow or the call of our heart? ???

Daffodil000 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings