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Tales of the Seventh Son

Tales of the Seventh Son

In the ancient kingdom Marchog, evil was creating chaos between people. King called upon the bravest and strongest warriors in the country to help him destroy this evil. 7 knights came to the kingdom and fought with the dark powers. Unable to destroy this darkness, they combined their powers and banished evil to the astral dimension. With great power comes even greater sacrifice. Brave knights couldn't banish evil alone. In order to close the portal to the other dimension, they needed to enter this place too, maintain the power flow of the dimension. After the big war with evil ended, the king forbids all magic in the kingdom, banishing all magical beings to the ends of the kingdom, causing Marchog to split into small kingdoms. As time passed, 7 knights became Gods for people. Leaving only their swords in this world and a stone tablet with a story written on it. During the war, this table was destroyed, leaving only part of the story behind. And the story turned into a legend. The legend that says with the arrival of 7 sons into the royal family, the power of 7 gods will descend on earth and each son will bear the power of one god. Many years passed since the Great War and no 7 sons were born in the royal lineage. Until now. The story takes us to the times of the four kingdoms in which seven sons were finally born.

DannieLex · Fantasy
Not enough ratings