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project gateway

Are you willing to do everything for family? Alon, is just your average teenager that's too comfortable with what's going on with his life. But everything went downhill when he became a little too laid off. Embark on his journey as he dive into the most successful underground business in the world. author's note: It's very lucrative of me to write something like of novel when I myself do not even pick up a book for leisure, heck I don't even read for book reports. I recently turned 18 and living in the Philippines, this story is based on the time when I sell drugs for survival at a very young age. If you're an individual whose never used drugs, I suggest for you to STAY IN THAT PATH, and DON'T EVEN THINK about profiting like I did. And if you're not using it for MEDICATION, sober up immediately motherfucker, go to your nearest REHABILITATION CENTER and get sober for the rest of your life. Or don't its your choice to make. disclaimer: Although this is based on my experience this is still a work of fiction. All characters' and organizations' names involved has been changed including mine (I'm not a dumb fuck after all). With the nature of these events expect coarse language, this story is not suitable for all audiences or whatever.

kalmado_buhawi · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

Not today baby

Adria Clairmount hasn't had the greatest of life. A mother who sold her for drugs and a deadbeat dad she has never met. Adria’s life has been nothing but disappointment and betrayal. When her mom dies Adria runs away and meets a boy named lee who lives on the streets, a young boy with the same life as her and the two quickly become best friends. Building their life together so they can leave the place that hurt them the most. It's not until she meets Jensen Adria questions everything she knew. Can she learn to let someone apart from lee in? Will she be able to get the life her young heart wants? Or will she be doomed to never leave the town that holds her? Follow the journey of Adria as she navigates through life with a Dream that she tries desperately to make a reality.

Stephers · Teen
Not enough ratings