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Mystical Esse (Life of mystical beings)

Sophia moved to a new town called Mysticburgh as a member of historical society for starting a new life with a little girl named Aisha. Although being a new person in the town she seemed to know a lot about the town and people in it then she says or pretends. Sophia bore a secret of her own and a agenda in her mind. Will she be able to succeed in her aim? What is her aim? Alan Lockwood is the Alpha of Lockwood pack and is responsible to run the whole town and to protect it. His family legacy is all he stands for. Alan is still not officially pronounced as an Alpha but that was not bothering until his uncle, Tyson returns to town only to challenge his claim and rule. Alan's attraction towards Sophia compromise his actions and decisions and his responsibility towards pack. Will he be able to balance his emotions with his responsibilities? What would happen when he find the truth about Sophia? With the unpleasant history, Mysticburgh is somehow on the verge of an uncalled and unwanted war again between different species like werewolves, vampires, witches, etc. Everyone with a secret agenda is fighting for the supremacy and control. What is Sophia hiding? Can Alan protect what is rightfully his to begin with? Who is plotting against Mysticburgh?

Priya_Thapliyal_7686 ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings