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A Modern Day Drizella (現代のドリゼラ)

A Modern Day Drizella (現代のドリゼラ)

It all began on Tachibana Mayumi's eighteenth birthday... As she was walking down in the hotel's grand staircase, wearing an intricately designed red dress whilst a flower wreath adorned her head, she accidentally slipped which caused her to fall and hit her head hard on the floor. Right then and there, oneirically, thousand of disturbing scenes shuffled through her brain like a raging storm. It was all vivid and painfully detailed... as if she's watching a drama series and she's one of the cast. Unfortunately, she was given the role of the main antagonist. Whilst she was on the verge of losing her consciousness, a chilling terror crept over her. A year from now, she's going to die- a fitting end for a villainess such as herself. It's going to be her fault though because her future self will try to murder her half-sister due to hatred and jealousy. In the end, she will die in the hands of her otōsama and fiancé. However, she was given the chance to change her future and avoid her tragic demise.

UnderTheRedSea · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings