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I'm in love with my driver

I'm in love with my driver

Denise is a 33 year old woman who has it all. Beauty, money and brains. She is looking for love, real love. But all the men she ever dated all wanted to have a share in her wealth. She almost gets disappointed when real love finally comes to her from a place she least expected. Will she accept this love, or will she let him go? Harold works for Denise. As her driver, he has seen how much Denise suffers in the hands of love. It worries him a lot and always does his best to make her happy. But as time went on, he begins to fall for her. He knows faking for your boss is wrong but he can't help what he feels. He tries his best to hide his feelings so that he does not ruin the friendship he has with her. Old lovers come between them and try to tear the two apart. Will he be able to tell her how he feels about her? Or, will he remain silent, and watch her fall for another man?

Maame_Efua_Quainua · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings