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The Elemental Drifters: AWAKENING

In a world where alien like elemental powers are a norm and racing being deeply popularized by many. The sport of speed was never the same again as the involvement of elemental powers changed racing entirely into an almost supernatural level. Cars could cool down or heat up their surroundings, manipulate the molecules of air particles or smoothen up the surface of tarmac. Any elemental racer could change the game into his or her advantage by bending the rules of nature how they wanted on the track. Only certified, track worthy and tested drivers could be chosen by these supernatural element entities to be their partners. But only the most bravest and talented drivers could fully utilize their given abilities and make it to the top of the racing leaderboard. Louis, a young Malaysian mix struggles to find his place in such a fast paced, elemental variety and speed hungry world of his country's capital city, Kuala Lumpur. His mother, however, disallows him to partake any form of racing activities nor even getting into a high performance vehicle in general. But nothing would stop the inevitable, Louis accidentally discovers a wandering element one night and find himself falling into the rabbit hole of illegal street racing soon after. Midnight joyrides and speed hunting on public roads in the dead of night. A sport in which is made of racers who's elemental partners are not official registered into the system, making it illegal and heavily condemned by the authorities. From there, he would rediscover a talent he had long forsaken years prior and a knack to having swift reflexes during speeds up to 100 kilometers per hour on the busy public roads. This is where it all begins... With an Awakening.

NgJLiang · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings

Where the birds want to fly

Sage1241 · Teen
Not enough ratings