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God's Quest: Gallant Player

God's Quest: Gallant Player

God's Quest: Gallant Player God's Quest. It's a quest that only happen in every 3 years. It was a quest to determine the rightful person to fight the king for the throne. The first quest happened 150 years ago. This quest happened inside the divine land, Amateus. Everyone from two regions, Astea, land of power and Asrail, land of magic are allowed to join. But there's five sacred rule in joining the quest. 5 Sacred Rule: First rule, the players who wants to join must be 13 years old and up. Second rule, to fight the King, the players must complete the 99 floors within the divine land. The 100th floor would be the final ground where to fight the king. Third rule, the players must accept the contract before entering. It must be sign by the player's blood. Fourth rule, every players must have at least one spirit animal before entering the divine land. Fifth rule, never kill anyone inside the divine land to maintain the holiness and sacredness of the land. The 50th opening of the land will soon happen. This opening has the most plentiful players who wants to join. But there's a deviant player that rise above all. He came niether from Astea nor Asrail. A new player that will takes changes within the divine land. "I'm no here play, I'm here to take back what's rightfully mine." Now player, would you go and enter our divine land?

DriewNrocinu · Fantasy
Not enough ratings