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The Power of Zero

Imagine a place where anything and everything is possible. Where all dreams, legends, stories, and fictional characters were born. This is a place with wonder and excitement, but also where nightmares, demons, and the things that haunt your thoughts and dreams lurk. This is the story of a boy reincarnated into a land of wonderous joys and hellish nightmares, learning to live and create his own path. Read along as he meets iconic characters, magical creatures and fights nightmares, demons, rogue gods, and more. Story begins: "Hello I am sure you are more than a little confused, wondering where you're at and who I am, all that and more will be answered in due time. Before the voice could continue the boy yelled out into the void, "Am I dead!?" Giving a pause before providing a response the voice stated "I will answer that question in a moment, now I would like to ask you to hold all questions till I have explained more".

Xirus_rulez · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The girl that lived forever in her dreams

I woke up with shock. I didn't see the man who was chasing me. He was a mystery. In my dream his image was blurry I could only hear him speaking to me. In my dreams he was a nightmare but in my reality he was now where to be seen or so I thought. Will she find out who the man in her dreams is? What will happen to her when she finds out.

Chrizelart · Teen
Not enough ratings