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A Spartan and the Gods

A Spartan and the Gods

Athena cursed us and through us away... so I thought. The Gods have come for Sparta and there Queen. Will they be able to help the gods or will they run from them or will they be destroyed by them. “Come and see if we will welcome you gods?come and feel a Spartans wrath instead!” So said the Queen ————————————————————— Hey people this is me the author here I just want to let you people know if there is any excuse the bad grammar that is in here please this is my first time writing a book and really would appreciate any comments or advise about this book that I’m writing. Let me know how you are liking it so far in it. Good or bad I will take it and use the experience the next up coming chapters please and thank you ? *bows*

bookieboo · Fantasy
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