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A Little Big Crush

Lizzie Garcia and Dinah Sanchez are women that are miles apart but have one thing in common- They are desperately looking for true love. While both find who they each think is the perfect man through online dating, the two men they meet are completely different as far as personalities are concerned. Lizzie meets David Gutierrez - a rich, extremely handsome, sexy man who is too good to be true, until his ex shows up. Dinah meets Dario Guerra, the hottest guy she has ever seen who awakens a desire and hunger in her that she has never known. The only problem- at times, Dario pulls away from her and doesn't seem as attentive. There are problems with his ex- girlfriend and Dinah is eager to help him become a better man. But what if it becomes too much and too painful for her to bear? What if there is another, better man who is just right for her? Though Lizzie and Dinah's love path veer off in many ways, their lives are connected by one simple thread.

Dalexia ยท Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings