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Alae Valley's Anguis Has a Heart

Alae Valley's Anguis Has a Heart

Snake and Heart collide! Growling Rider vs a Reject Mage! Dragon Riders have existed for centuries. Roaming the sky, helping fight battles, hunting for treasures, name it, they've gone and done it. Just as the Dragon Riders rule the sky, Mages rule the ground upon which they stand. Making castles with elemental magic, learning spells and inventing new ones, burning their enemies with simple chants. But, how do you become a Dragon Rider? How do you become a Mage? By choice, of course. Or that is the case today. That's why the rivalry exists. Mages and Dragon Riders haven't been getting along since the foundation of the First Magi Academy. Dragon Riders disregard Mages as cowards for not mounting the dragons, Mages scorn Dragon Riders for their imposing nature and ignoring the laws of nature. What will happen when Anguis the Dragon Rider, who has his quirks, meets Cor, a reject Mage?

RisqueCat · LGBT+
Not enough ratings