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The Dragon Emperor's Rising

The Dragon Emperor's Rising

The Dragon Empire is one of the biggest powerhouses on the continent, keeping the other countries in line. Noah lives in a small village in the country with no name. He has lived his life there but after losing his father at a young age a family friend offers to teach him once he becomes an adult and he only just turned 16 now. Follow Noah as he starts his journey to become a knight but ends up much, much more. ------ On Hiatus for the time being ;.;

Falling_Silence · Fantasy
Into the Dragon's Den

Into the Dragon's Den

Addilyn Milano, or better known as Dilyn, has finally come of age for the village of Visayas annual Choosing Ceremony. Eleven young kids test their abilities to see if they hold the power within them to enter the prestige Calayan Academy. With Dilyn not knowing much about her families past, she holds little faith in herself. Although, what lies ahead of her is much more than she could have ever expected.

kaboo · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings