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Vesryn Pulse: Wrath of Xenon

Vesryn Pulse: Wrath of Xenon

Long ago, the humans triumphed over the dragons, sealing them into human mortal bodies now known as dragonoids. The dragonoids became enslaved by the humans and use them as military weapons by the power of the Vesryn Pulse. With this newfound magic, mankind divided its empire to four and wages war against themselves for their own selfish ambitions. A set of dire events occurred, pushing a single man to the limits of his sense of justice. Betrayed by his countrymen and losing his friends, lover, and honor; Xenon Wingate rises from the depths of hell and finds himself in a state of inner rage; a cemented resolve to kill everyone who has done wrong to him. He enters the Dragon Knight Academy with his dragonoid slave Serena Maizono and challenges the Five Pentagram Knights as a condition for acquiring an army. This will be the first step to execute his ultimate plan of revenge to satisfy the tingling sensation of his wrath. Vesryn Pulse: Wrath of Xenon follows the action-filled story of a man who loses himself into his thirst for blood and revenge. However, he will soon learn that the payback comes at a far greater price than he could ever imagine. ©ArchlordZero

ArchlordZero · Fantasy
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