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The Last Dragon Hunter

The Last Dragon Hunter

In an era called End of Dragons, Vance Valfern, an orphan and infamous thief in the Kingdom of Soden finally ended up in prison. As punishment for his crimes, the king’s counselors enlisted him to a tournament of death. In his fight for survival, he learned about his ancestry—he’s the last of the fabled Dragon Hunters. With his true identity revealed, the king offered him a pardon. In exchange, he must join the treasure hunt in a lost island called the Dungeon of Dragons. Together with a quirky group of hunters, he must uncover his past, find the ancient artifact, and survive the dangers of his uncharted exploration—all of these in the name of truth and freedom.

QuidSevilla · Fantasy
Dragon Hunter: Rise of time warrior

Dragon Hunter: Rise of time warrior

300 years ago, humanity was confronted with the greatest threat ever posed, the dragon. 300 years later, half of the world was ruled by six dragon kings while humanity was protected by the Five Holders. Now, it's time for the last pawn to walk on to this massive chessboard, and stir the wheel of destiny! "Hey kiddo, let's exterminate the dragon" "Fuck!, get out of my head, you lunatic ghost!" //////// This is my first time write novel in english, even I use grammar correct website but sorry for my sloppy grammar

wana_509 · Fantasy
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