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Dracones: Descendants of Dragons [The Draconean System]

Dracones: Descendants of Dragons [The Draconean System]

Drakon, Drako, Drago, Draco, Lindworm, Lung, and Tanin. There is a word for dragon in every language, and a meaning attached to that word. A whole culture clustered around it. It varies from a fear of the creature that swoops down to eat you, to the appreciation of the one which gave you fire, but none the less, the culture is there. Why does every culture have a dragon? Because they are real. These rare reptiles have many species, most breath fire, but poison is also common. Wings are also optional, as are legs with their being varieties with four, two, and zero legs. All have scales and hair somewhere, but some have skin, and others even have feathers! However, dragons of all sorts are increasingly becoming rare as human activities threaten them (through the capture and hunting of dragons) and their natural habitat (through the destruction of food webs and ecosystems, deforestation and global warming).

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