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I swallow yet another Whiskey and, by now the usual burning sensation invades my throat. If only it served to chase away bad memories. But there are memories that can't be driven away, like those, of that cursed night. The sound of the glass hitting the large table at Villa Malfoy awakens me from my atrocious thoughts. I think I just cut my finger and smashed the glass in my hands. One more wound, this time external, certainly won't change the situation. I let the drops of blood fall on the cold floor of this huge empty Villa. How much time has passed? Months? Years? Memories are fleeting, but his face remains vivid in my thoughts. His eyes so white. His angelic smile. My light in the darkness. And then, it all vanished. I just have to live with the regret of her disappearance, I just have to blame myself for what happened, to curse myself for what happened to her.

Kristal_Di_Riso · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings