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Rain: The Cursed Princess [Coming Soon]

She left her country, she lost her freedom, she sacrificed her future… just to be killed on her wedding day. Her name was Rain, the Cursed Princess. . . . Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess who was waiting for her Prince Charming to come and live with her happily ever after… Aurelia Kelian hated such stories. She, like no one else, knew that loving princes didn’t exist and the princesses were born to be tools in kingdoms’ political games. She was no exception. She has grown within the castle walls to step out only to be sent to another golden cage. She was ready to marry him. The rumored prince of the Tarian Empire. The one who didn’t care about others and had no shame. It was fine, she didn’t need his affection anyway. She was ready to cage herself in the enemy’s country if it meant the peace for her homeland. But she didn’t expect that together with her freedom they will ask for her life. Wasn’t that too much?

Anya_Nesh · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings