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Wife Is A Black Lotus

After Lu Jingfei found out her previous life is just the tip of the author imagination, a cannon fodder, she laughed so hard until she fell off the bed. She wished that if she could go back, she’d break all of the laws of novels cliché, dried out the author ink, and cut off his or her electricity so he/she couldn’t continued to give the ML and FL momentum. What a joke her life has been, by allowing someone to make decisions for her. If she could have one more chance, she’d wreck havoc on her own accord by her own decisions. What happened after, she’d take the responsibility by herself. ....................................................................... After more than 2 years she went MIA "Boss, we got news that your wife is at Pudong Airport. Do we need to prepare our people so you can pick her up?" "Leave her be, prepare 10 SS level shadows to keep her safe." ..... "You're back, you promised you'll be my girlfriend. You're now mine since you don't find anyone to be your other half." "Ahhh.... You're that undercover soldier, I thought you wouldn't survive. Such luck some people have. tsk tsk!" "You're avoiding the topic, are you the type that doesn't keep her given promised?" *Did I saved someone this ungrateful?* "Ha.... You're here complaining when I should do that instead. I promised i'll give you a chance, but now i change my mind." "W-Why?" "I. DON'T. LIKE. SMOKER. and you're not my type! Oh, i don't like old man either!" -------------------------------------------------------- Couple2: Li Lei & Mo Feiyi "Your mother still owe me more than 5 billions after taking over your father business. Woman, want to do things they're incapable of! How are you going to pay me back the money i lost over the years? You look great after not seeing you for 2 years, you'd sell quite good with this body. Pay me back with that, i'll save a position for you at my company." "Do not worry, you'll get your money, not a penny less." "Are you that desperate to get that little amount of money?!" "What does it have to do with you Mister Li, how i made my money to pay back my debts has nothing to do with you! Ahh, what? You don't want to accept dirty money from me? Let me tell you something, money, whether it's dirty or clean, their value will not drop unlike a human's nature. Now let go of me, don't touch me with your filthy hand!" "Filthy!? You..." Li Lei was furious at her attitude toward him, and he wondered what happened to her loving and patience she had for him. He was irritated and impatient, he knew she doesn't love him anymore. 'Doesn't love me, no problem!' He'd take her loves by forced. He then yanked her toward his chest and pinned her to the wall. He then forced a kiss on her, pried open her mouth by biting on her lips. When she hissed and was too weak to fought back, he took it as an opportunity to slid down his tongue and explored every corner of her mouth. He failed to realized that she was unable to breath and had an erection when her bosom was rubbed against his chest when she struggled to get free. He let her go and she slid down the wall looking breathless and alluring, so inviting to all men to take her here and now. If he didn't know better, he'd think she tried to seduce him just like any other thirsty gold-digger around him since he knew the extent of human greed can amounted to. "Li Lei!" *Slaaaaap* This was the first time she touched him and it was not the touch of love but hate. The first time she called his name and it was not the loving tone but of hate! Knowing that he was hated, his emotions got the best of him. He pinned her to the wall again and kissed her breathless. A/N: Cover is not mine. All credits goes to original owner.

KittenJaguarPaws · Contemporary Romance
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