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He stood beside her bed and leaned closer to her as he stared at her face and wondered if it’s real. A smile appeared on his lips when she opened her eyes. However, her reaction was different than what he had expected. “ Pak” He stared at her in shock while covering his face with his hand. Did she just slap me? Zhao Ming’s mouth opened in shock when she realized that she had slapped the Emperor. ‘ Am I going to die again? Is this my end?’ …. She is Empress of the Ji Dynasty but she had no significance in the Palace. Her relationship with her husband is nothing more than a mere formality. However, after experiencing the dark side of the palace, one day when she opened her eyes, she was in an unfamiliar place. A world full of tin boxes, weird people using strange items. It’s the 21st century. It will be interesting to see the journey of an Empress who goes to the modern world and how she stuns everyone with her ridiculously amazing oriental medicine and cooking skills. ** She is the wife of the most powerful businessman of the country and has a reputation of nothing but a trash and shameless lazy woman. However, behind her rowdy attitude, no one tried to see her scars. When she opened her eyes one day, she found herself in some strange world. Holy Sh *t! She became the Empress of the Ji Dynasty. It’s the ancient society which was full of palace politics, betrayal, white lotus bit*hes. This will be a comedic ride to see how a girl of the modern world can adjust to this ancient setup. She changes the world of ancient people with her fearless, clumsy yet decisive attitude. Can the Emperor get used to her being proactive in every single thing? Even in bed? The Emperor dotes on his wife to the point that she feels tired, how can a man be this cute? It’s illegal for men to be this cute. It’s a story of an Empress of the Ji Dynasty whose soul was swapped with the girl in the 21st century. Let’s get on this fun ride and resolve the mystery of their change. … She pushed him on the bed and sat on his body while looking at him with her tempting eyes. “ Zhao Ming, what..what are you doing?” “ Shh...Your Majesty, you just need to relax. I will do all the work.” She leaned in and sealed his lips with his moist lips making him crazy for her even more. ..... Update Schedule: 1 chapter daily except Tuesday. Instagram: @kamlyn_love * The story is an original and not a translation. * Note: The cover has been taken from Pinterest. Credits to the owner. Thank you

Kamlyn · Fantasy Romance
Little Miss Witch: Revenge of the Tainted Angel

Little Miss Witch: Revenge of the Tainted Angel

[Status: Serializing. 05-23-2020.] [Trigger warning for attempted suicide. First 100 chapters are filled with angst and drama but I promise it will get better on later chapters.] “I am not happy anymore.” Her husband said with a straight face. “Let’s get divorced.” Three months ago, when she found out about her husband’s unfaithfulness, Li Xiuying had hoped that it was a mistake, that he had a lapse of judgement. Three months later, he delivered the ultimatum without the decency to tell her the real reason he’d ask for separation. “I simply don’t love you anymore.” was the only thing he said. Determined to move on, she was about to leave and go to her twin sister, but fate had different plans. The mistress had caused her demise, and what could be, would never be. Enraged by the knowledge of what her beloved sister went through, Li Chuntao abandoned her dream of becoming a doctor to avenge her sister. Disguising herself as her dead sister, Li Chuntao faked amnesia to cover her flaws while portraying Mu Jianyu’s innocent wife. Amidst her quest to seek justice for her sister’s death, will Li Chuntao finally acknowledge the love she had long denied for herself, or will she allow hatred to consume her? Editor/Proofreader: ninaviews Update release: 2 chapters on weekdays --------------------- Little Miss Series (1) Little Miss Devil: The President's Mischievous Wife (2) Little Miss Witch: Revenge of the Tainted Angel (3) Little Miss Sunshine: Conquer the Emperor's Heart (4) Little Miss Trouble: The Emperor's Rebellious Consort (5) Little Miss Heiress: The 30 Days Free Trial Lover (6) Little Miss Fae: Banshee in the Modern World (7) Little Miss Immortal: The Nine-Tailed Imperial Consort --------------------- My Other Books (1) PS I'm (Not) Over You (2) Gourmet Empress: Hubby, Why's Your Name on the Menu? (3) Evil Husband, Glutton Wife: Buy Miss Piggy, Get Free Little Buns Official Website: https://www.anjeerikunovels.com/ Join our discussion on discord: https://discord.gg/DjFUwGK Buy me a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/anjeeriku Donations: paypal.me/anjeeriku Follow me: facebook.com/anjeeriku instagram.com/anjeeriku Little Miss Witch Book Cover by RinkaShikimori/ Copyright 2020 anjeeriku

anjeeriku · Contemporary Romance
The Twisted Two: the feisty and the docile

The Twisted Two: the feisty and the docile

“If only heaven was a little closer, she would have been an angel.” - ONE OF LU XINYI’S BELOVED. Reading the note Lu Xinyi slightly bows her head down, being shy. --------------------------------- “Its only because of people like her, I want to believe there is a hell out there.” -ONE OF LEI XINYI’S VICTIMS. Reading the note Lei Xinyi scoffs and rolls her eyes muttering a very obvious ‘Whatever’. ----------------- Twin sisters, mysteriously separated since birth, Lu Xinyi and Lei Xinyi didn’t know of each other existence until one eventful day, they land in each other’s life. Let’s find out what happens on the exchange of characters of a devil and an angel. When the fiery and mischievous, Lei Xinyi coming from a shady background, has to cope up with the fancy and formal life of the heiress of one of the most powerful family of the country and when the docile and meek, Lu Xinyi has to almost face the thrill of society as a commoner, drama is bond to follow! Especially, when both of them were betrothed and were living loveless lives in their old worlds. Will they find love in each other’s life? Or will this fateful shift suck? Will they be able to see the blessing in disguise? The runaway bride, Lei Xinyi and with the tame, Lu Xinyi, having devils on their tails are seeking for all the thrill life can offer!! ----------------------- Chapter posting schedule: 7 chapters a week (1 Chapter everyday) TTT Discord Server: https://discord.gg/ShrNaf WARNING!!! This novel is written by me SO, THE COPYRIGHTS ARE CLAIMED so pirating is not going to be taken leniently. Its not a translation and no one 17 and under is preferred. It contains mature adult themes, and occasional graphic violence. I don't hold ownership rights of the cover.

YuXu · Fantasy Romance