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The Underworld Queen

The Underworld Queen

Every caged bird wants to be free and lives on the hope of spreading its wing to dive into the vast sky. Kea, can be considered our enchanting caged bird , who took the opportunity when it came to spread her wings and flew away. But the evil bird catchers are after our beautiful bird to snatch off its freedom and break its wings. To protect her, karma has decided to let her meet her hawk and realize the vulture she was! ............................ Alex Blue , the overbearing CEO of AIT International, is feared to be the most sadistic and ruthless person when someone tries to cross his bottom line. He has grown up to be a businessman in order to keep up his family's clean legacy on surface and hide their ulterior moves to crush the pestering enemies of humanity. But how will he handle and continue on his path when he falls in love and his people get best acquainted with the queen of the underworld? ........................... Katherine a.k.a Kea, grew up to learn how to be ruthless and sadistic until to a point when she faced a major accident and was drawn to live a normal but caged life. Owing to her Amnesia, she runs away from her home for attaining the so-called freedom. But, as for the turn of events, landed as an employee in the AIT International just to find her way back to the underworld. Will Katherine continue to harm Humanity or become loyal for the sake of her love? ..............................

AnanyaSatarupa6 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings