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Mrs.devil can I kiss you

She was the princess of the Carlton Family. She had everything power and wealth. Her brother was the king of business.Her grandfather is a powerful figure in military. But she was betrayed by her best friend. She was killed in the end. But, god must have pitied her and gave her a second chance. This life she will not fall in her schemes.She will protect her family. In this second life, she will change her future. A business tycoon and king of the underworld started taking interest in her.Will she fall in love with him? *the cover is not mine*

chickinlover · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

The Prince's fake Fiancee

Romantic comedy novel. Treat yourself to the laugh-out-loud, action, romance, revenge, and mysteries. She was no princess. Mou Maya was more comfortable in baseball cap than in a tiara, more likely to dress in jeans than a ball gown, more rebellious than to follow the rules, and more likely to fall on her face than to pull off a graceful wave. None the less, she was a princess with zero responsibilities and zero royal duties. He was a prince. Wong Aaron is cold, confidences, sexy, arrogant with a wicked smile and dazzling eyes. Wong Aaron needs to find a wife before his cousin. The first one to marry inherits the throne. Mou Maya despises everything the royal family stands for and desires nothing to do with it. Until fate played a cruel joke on her when her one-night stand with Wong Aaron turn out him blackmail her to poses as his fake fiancee to his family fundraising dinner... Declaimer: Profile picture- all credit goes to the original owner.

Rk_B · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings