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CEO and his Empress...

CEO and his Empress...

Keeping the 3 words a secret is the best choice for them... Confiding their feelings with each other felt like a distant dream.... She has a trauma and shadow and he has his own skeletons in the closet..... Will their love for the other stand against the harsh passage of time....? It was supposed to be a cliche prince and princess love story, bt what went wrong? She closed her heart 'back then' and since then, her life has been monotonous. The only colour in her life is him but that colour is bound to stay in a canvas....she can't be selfish and ask him to colour her life as well... He is the CEO and she is his personal assistant.... Let's follow them in their story of life and love..... A certain CEO selling meng: "LinLin, they forced me to drink even though I said....I said that I don't want to ba." Our overbearing PA (pats his head while calling the secretary office) Call connected--- "Make sure to keep all the meetings scheduled with Chairman Zhou and Chairman Zhang over lunch, alright?", saying this she hangs up. The CEO hugs her tightly: hehehe, thank you linlin....love you the most. THUMP THUMP THUMP Our great PA irrespective of her wildly beating heart replies a "hmm", with a slight smile. Atsuki's Note: Hello, fellow species!! hehehe 'CEO Romance' novels are quite famous, right? So, I'm trying my hand with one..muhahahaha The names are in pinyin, I've been into CN novels these days so, they got stuck. But this has no connection with anything alive or..blah blah blah...in short, it's just a light read. Please try to enjoy it as it is and treat it as a fantasy of mine. I like to ramble a LOT and they go into [], you can ignore them if you want. Happy Reading!! Discord: https://discord.gg/5J3xdvr ........................ PS. Cover doesn't belong to me...found it on @pinterest and tweaked it...hehe

AtsukiJoou · Contemporary Romance
Raven Ink (BL)

Raven Ink (BL)

There was a rumor going around, that the ink master, Xi Ken, recently paired up with someone called Raven, which was a shocking news for all the 7 provinces. With how fearsome and mysterious Xi Ken was, they all wondered about this talented newcomer, since Xi Ken never had cared for anyone or took in anyone before. But reality was, that this Raven was actually a pitiful little bean who had somehow transmigrated from Earth and was just trying to stay alive.

forever_fiction · LGBT+
Not enough ratings