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Beautiful Lady is Black-Hearted

"Fu Qingcheng is reborn as another person, but she ends up with a pitiful life. To live, she has no choice but to work laborious jobs to repay her debts. At the same time, she has to join a bunch of scammers. Fu Qingcheng repeatedly laments over her fate that's full of twists and turns—the result of her miserable state. But what's worse is that her job she works so hard at (scamming people) is always seen by the same person. The dagger-wielding hand that's hiding behind her is already itching to kill him. ""Which of the two options do you want for interfering with my earning of money? Death or death?"" Shi Huanwei feels a headache coming on as he looks at this little girl who wants to kill him all the time. Helpless, he can only bribe her at a high price and immediately becomes her employer. Her life she originally writes off as bitter suddenly does a turnaround once her background is revealed. Her biological mother is rich and powerful, and her cousin is an underworld boss, allowing her to do anything she pleases! Pleased with herself, she laughs at the sky: ""Who else dares cross me!"" In the face of other people's weird jealousy and hatred, Fu Qingcheng can only shrug. ""Blame me. I'm just a little good at reincarnation."" At the blind date banquet where the rich and powerful are gathered, someone asks, ""What kind of man do you want to marry?"" Fu Qingcheng analyzes with a serious expression. ""The ultimate goal of marriage is to be for two strong characters to come together in matrimony. However, money makes relationships go bad and talking about feelings burns a hole in the pocket. These two things cannot be achieved at the same time. Let's see who is willing to give their entire fortune to me. That way, we can still talk about feelings~"""

Onepay · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings