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I Woke Up Again in Another World: the idiotic way to adventure

I Woke Up Again in Another World: the idiotic way to adventure

Notice: This novel have some strong words that isn't appropriate in literaly for the under age be warned. For those unhonest on their age i kept the strong words slightly censored. I'll keep it in General Audience for fun. Current Sypnosis: A manga/novel obsessed Highschool student was summoned into another world and tasked to defeat the Demon Lord, the one who leads the ravage monsters and demons. He set in to an adventure to conquer the Demon Lord and return to he's world former world. After he finally defeated the Demon Lord, he was then given a chance to return to his former world. A he arrived to old world, he decided to take a stroll in the near park with he's manga. As the tiring adventure ends, he ends up falling asleep on a bench. After a quick nap he woke up he realised that he was yet again summoned into another world. (to be updated) Update will be unpredictable because this is not my job, reading is my hobby not writing About the story: this story will start out very slow because i also want to tell the first summon to build up the stress and anger of the protagonist Authors announcement: I am literaly a beginner at making stories so don't judge me!, I made this novel out curiosity if i could be able to make and deliver a story and mostly out of boredom because of 2020 stressing me out

PaimonX · Fantasy
Not enough ratings