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In the distant future Earth is no longer the planet we all know. And its inhabitants are no longer just the Humans we all are. Glad Tade is a young Elite who can control fire. She just needs to finish her report so the Domivian High Council can finally recognize her as a full citizen of Domivia. She can find a job and leave the castle that was promised to be a new home but felt more like a prison. Danger Wilkes is a Deeade, a race of people with heightened senses including strength and speed, he has been fighting since he was twelve. It's all he knows how to do. The idea I'd doing anything else terrifies him. What will happen when Glad and Danger cross paths? And what secrets will be brought to the surface? * Okay so bare with me. This is my first time writing something outside a of creative writing class I took in high school. But either way I hope you enjoy *

Gtee · Fantasy
Not enough ratings