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Bloody Halloween

The day before Halloween was supposed to be boring, but rather than boring and interesting; the day became annoying for the eighteen year old Allen Brooks who was taken to graveyard against his will by his friends, before the midnight just for the stupid games, and to look around the graveyard decorated in Halloween's theme. Later the night became interesting for the teens except for Allen, when two of the members of the group suggested to perform a small ritual as part of their games which so, happened to require few drops of blood by someone's hand. Allen was horrified when he was put forward to sacrifice few drops of blood out of his palm. Would the ritual work? Will they regret performing this ritual? That's all Allen could ever think of after sacrificing his blood droplets for that supposed to be innocent ritual till the midnight when everything changes from calm to storm. “You know very well about my type. Type to make everyone cry. Type to make everyone scream in pain when I’ll thrust out their spines. Type to make everyone beg on their knees with their blood sliding down from their eyes. Type to make everyone cry out their last goodbyes. Type to shorten their lives because it would be their time to die. And my type; deleterious Halloween is called the ‘Bloody Halloween’ for the innocent night.” - Circe

Mina_Tiara · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings