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Rebirth of The Abandoned Demigod

That day, during an apocalypse, Willow died on the front lines of the medical battlefield. Volcanoes erupted, earthquakes shook the mountains, and plagues devasted the people. It was the very definition of the end of the world and she stood futilely at the the edge of it all riddled with symptoms of the plague and ashes till she became one with it. She was one a famed doctor of many fields and the best physician of the best medical company in America. Yet, that all crumbled down the day she learned the existences of celestials and heaven. Who would've known that the company who she was working for was on of the masterminds of the apocalypse or that she was one of the pawns that helped them kill so many people?! Abandoned by everyone and stranded in China as she passed, her only regret was her own weakness in the situation and was left with silent cries of the dead. Her guilt. However, after the end of her life, a hand appeared before her offering her a second chance at life as well as the shocking truth of the world but for a price, a mission involving the imprisonment of the God of the Underworld. Can she stand up again and complete her mission or will she shirk back into her shadows and lament at her own weakness again? Just when she thought that everything was futile, she discovered that she was being stalked by a shady guy! "I can help you if you want to succeed in your quest, but you must come with me." He said. "Um, how about no." "Then, I'll take you away by force, if I have to!" "A challenge? Great! I've always wanted to see how much my bombs have progressed!" (Places are taken from real cities and states most of the time, except none of the government affairs and state affairs are real. Even parts of social problems can be made up in the story.) Discord: https://discord.gg/bDzSZ5XrBx

Faura_Phoe · Fantasy Romance

Dominant Woman Looking for Love

Therysia Raley is undergoing many life-altering changes within the span of a year. First, she got divorced, and now, she is moving across countries? On top of that, there are several men who seem to be interested in her upon her return. A new life, a new job, and maybe...? Will this exceptionally headstrong woman be able to find true love?

xNurie · Contemporary Romance

I Was Forced To Become The Slime Girl's Plaything!

When Kaito lands a party invite with one of the most beautiful and popular adventurers around he feels blessed beyond compare. What was supposed to be an ideal adventure quickly turned into his greatest nightmare. Now, he must contend with a crazed monster who has made him into its twisted object of affection. What monster you say? A slime!? Kaito must do everything his power to appease his temperamental captor while plotting his escape. How will he escape? Or better yet -- will he want to when the time comes? **This is a preview of the first 7 chapters of the novel. The full novel features 42,000 words and 19 chapters.** Visit Ren's Den for the full version! https://bit.ly/RensDen

DreamOfRen · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

A rose dedicated to Alpha Aiden

Rosalie woke after a very long dream , a dream that showed her , her future . Hated by her family , she is sold off to marry a bloodthirsty Alpha,Aiden Cullen in place of her elder sister Anna. Aiden Cullen,famous for his cruel nature having killed his own mate , he lives a life full of debauchery . With a husband like that , Rosalie only wishes to live a quite life being ignored by him and his mistress. But his mistress won't leave her alone and what did her husband means by saying that he loves her alone and will treat her better ? She just wanted a peaceful life! What is with her husband infinite pampering ?

fairytail72 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

[HIATUS] Undercover Superstar : A Song of Pyros and Snowflakes

(Terribly sorry to announce that I will be deleting this novel to rewrite it at a later date. Sorry for the inconvenience! I’ll do my best (⁎⁍̴̆Ɛ⁍̴̆⁎)) Yingfei is the neighborhood's average girl. No magical beasts, no cultivation and no superpowers, unless sillyness is counted as one. Her number one nemesis? Math. And maybe the occasional school bully. No one would ever notice her existence otherwise. Usually shy and with little confidence, her peers can't help but ignore her. But she has a secret identity. When she gets rid of her daily average look, you'd recognize her immediately.. ——————————————————— Yingxue is the most famous young female artist within the North of Huaxia. With outstanding charisma and the voice of a siren, she's the country's sweetheart. Constantly showering love to her fans, she never fails to make them swoon. Filled to the brim with confidence, she continues her streak of conquering the nation. You dare insult her? She'll conquer you too. But she ALSO has a secret identity. When she gets rid of all the glam and glitter, no one would ever recognize her. The question is, is she the only one juggling this type of life? ——————————————————— Li Tian is the hottest young male artist within the South of Huaxia. With his stunning good looks and sultry deep voice, people all around can’t help but swoon. Born with a silver spoon, a deep arrogance was ingrained into his bones. But when he finally comes up North for a partnership with the young siren, Yingxue, his arrogance bites him back. Now, not only is his celebrity life not going his way, he’s also stuck going to school undercover. His only amusement being games, and the average girl he made as a friend.. _____________________________ Please support my work! Buy me a coffee (≖ ‿ ≖) ko-fi.com/azzack Donate on Paypal ⁽(◍˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑) paypal.me/azzack

Azzack · Romance

The Villaness Temptations

"Nothing good about her. it only sins, forbidden, and offense. Even though she didn't do anything, The Victim always falls for her. Even the stronger will kneel in front of her. " they loved her even they have a soulmate that has been destined. they've wanted her even she is the forbidden creature. they're willing to give everything to her and gladly abandon their soulmate only to satisfy her. and the worst part is they ignore the fact about her as the famous villainess that'll crush their heart soon. "if you love me... kiss my leg and I would be thinking about loving you. but if you don't want to do it, get the hell out from my villa and never come again or else I gonna kill you. " - Evangeline. " You throw me away after taking advantage of me, how bold of you. I couldn't forget your warm embrace, your loving moan, and alluring whisper, God, what should I gonna do right now to forget you, Angel.. tell me please.." - Lucius, The gentle Vampire but already have a soulmate. " Please, Angeline please I beg you. I badly want those kisses. I would give you anything. please.. the sensation from your lips is temptation. it feels hot as hell. hurt so bad if I couldn't get it but it so allure to resist it ." - Damian, The Crazy, and Hot Werewolf but Already have a fateful mate. " you can use me anytime you want. I could be anything you wish for, a bodyguard, killer, savior, or maybe a lover. but in return, you have to be mine forever and always in my cage only for me." Xavier, The Gangster, used to be popular because of his loyalty to his first love. Evangeline is not an easy lady. She loves to play and make them kneel in front of her then begging for her. what would she do if the situation became more worst because of her action? then suddenly she wants to changes her lifestyle because of her nightmare. what gonna gone wrong right? "w-wait! you can't do this! it's not my fault if you fall for me! n-not stop! do-don't tear my clothes you dumb Cr-ah!!"

Stella_Savage · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Heart of a serpent

A crown prince. A war general. One fate for two very different beings. The heir to the largest empire, Rowan Xander La Blanche was raised to be perfection incarnate. His sword skills are unmatched. His decision making is precise and his cold and dangerous thinking make him someone to fear among the nobles. General Sigrid is a war hero, returning from a battle that has been going on for more than a decade with victory in tow. Ruthless and without care for anyone outside of her circle and rule, her reputation in the empire is revered. The rumours spread about her, at least the gruesome ones, are next to always true. Rowan wants no part of who he quickly learns to be a cold blooded serpent’s schemes. Sigrid has no intentions of involving herself with a royal, especially a prince, beyond reason. And yet the Distant and cold prince comes to find the heartless and dark woman to be a necessity in his life. One he can’t live without.

DaoistULupRT · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings