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Past Saveing

She has been lost far before the beginning of the time war, so much before. She was known as Diamond, she became a great hero story, a story told to every time tot on Gallifrey for that is what they are expected to grow up to become. But, when needed most, Diamond disappeared, ending Gallifrey's golden peak. As the time war lasted so very long, it was not in the name of Diamond anymore, but the dream of Diamond faded to a myth, to a whisper only the good spoken, but with war it was forgotten and the search for Diamond ended. But Diamond has awakened from slumber, dazed and confused, only the greatest man can set her on the right path. A traveler, fancy talker- But she is no Doctor- For her name is Diamond, trapped in a slumber- For Time and war has forgotten- Now she awakes, one slip for the wrong path- The Universe will feel her wrath. This is a fanfic. I don't claim obvious Character(s)/Doctor Who. Completely made for enjoyment. I hope as this being my first Doctor who fic, It will turn out well and completed. Please leave any feed back/Comment you favorite moments, The worst.... Thank you for trusting me with your time. and enjoy the story of My Big Explorer, Diamond. Updates Every Saturday (roughly) 8pm et

Kharnel · Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings

A Mysterious Finding

railee_mellas · Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings