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Transported to MMORPG World: Age of Taurus

Transported to MMORPG World: Age of Taurus

When I opened my eyes a few millenium later, desert sand flooded my teary eyes as I blinked furiously and scoffed out the sand from my mouth. I was finally able to shield my eyes and opened them wide, only to see that I was lying in the middle of a rocky desert. I snapped my eyes around me, and saw that, on either side of me, there were big rocks that seemed to squash the opening I was currently lying in. I bolted upright and swiveled my head behind me. There were no huge boulders big enough to block my view, and I could see the misty horizon through the sands that were swept up by the wind. The rocky desert beyond me was littered with large rocks scattered randomly and dozens of scrubs of cacti that swayed with the wind.

WebnovelCreator101 · Fantasy
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