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Thrown Into The Fire With You

Thrown Into The Fire With You

Thana doesn't have a bad life, nor does she have a disease that she's hiding from her friends or even a strange addiction. Thanna is in a University ready to let loose and have fun. But after the day she parked into a claimed parking by Mystery boy and 'ruler of the University Airus Black not only does her days of living wild are being tied down but also her heart she never wanted to give anyone. Arius was raised to have no emotion to, fight through the pain, Physically and mentally. Being an adoptive heir to an Italian mafia he has his own challenges. But his biggest is trying to figure out who had the audacity to call him out and take his parking spot. It hurt his pride and struck his ego, the person he supposedly "peaked interest" was far more than that. He was falling She was falling And boy do they hit the ground head first. Together they will walk through anything that would hold them back, face forward just like how they fell. Will, it hurt yes. But If you don't take risks, you can't create a future.

Huey_Honey ยท Contemporary Romance
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