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Reincarnated As the Heroine?!

Reincarnated As the Heroine?!

I found myself reincarnated into an otome game's heroine when I thought I would be reincarnated into a villainess, like how it usually plays out. Living as the heroine in the world's most difficult otome game when I can't even play one, is the most amazing thing- just kidding, I wanna get out...!! DISCLAIMERS: All artworks used in this novel are rightfully the owner's art. I do not own any of the artworks used. This book is a work of fiction a.k.a my mind imagination so anything in this book doesn't involve the real world. I'm an amateur so bare with me. Anyhow, enjoy the book ( ◠‿◠ ) Btw, If somehow this comic get popular with 1 k views, I will put a special chapter and I will update this disclaimer. Don't be afraid to point out grammars mistakes and especially typos.

Tynthix · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings