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Dark Rose Wars 
The Realm Chronicals

Dark Rose Wars The Realm Chronicals

Sonya Knightly was far from normal. She was born into a family where everyone looked normal, Growing up she wondered why she looked so different, why her ears were just a little pointier than her sisters, mom and dad and why she was more porcelain than the rest. Her family could never answer her at all, she was 17 now long blonde hair kinda pointed ears and piercing blue hypnotizing eyes, things were going odd once she entered her senior year of high school some people she didn't know, nor have seen before have been watching her...and the odd thing was....they looked kinda like her . "Join Sonya in her unraveling life Filled with magic, Mystery, wars , love, friends, trust and a complete Journey across realms time and space."

HeatherMoll · Fantasy Romance
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