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The dignified sticks!

One day, a young man in 10th grade named Delorean, who feels he screwed up his best friend's birthdays every year suddenly feels bad when he realizes his birthday is coming yet again, walking on the street as he ponders what to get him to make up for his past screw ups, a mysterious store grabbed his eye and he must go in. 4th book published! This story is about two friends battling criminals and monsters alike with the power of what one calls... THE POWER OF THE STICKS!... merely wooden sticks. Longer running books! I'll keep adding more until possibly part 20-60? This is all a work of fiction! This story is more like a pitch for an anime/cartoon/Real time show rather than comic book or giant storyline pitch. There are goofy things in here and serious things, not too dark or too light.

Artryom ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings