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Re:Birth - Restarting Life From Zero

Re:Birth - Restarting Life From Zero

In response to the extreme technological advance between the years 2020 and 2025, a group of religious believers is coming together to put an end to humanity's greatest invention: The Re:Birth Project, an advanced system that enables death to be avoided. In this modern crusade, Emma Adams, a young American girl who spends her time as a hacker, finds herself immersed in a dangerous conflict that she started by spreading the project all over the Internet. During these events, she is eventually transported to Yharag, the first world of the Re:Birth server, where she finds herself on a journey of survival, vengeance, and redemption.

Saya_Kisaragi · Fantasy
The World Is A Simulation And I Hacked It

The World Is A Simulation And I Hacked It

A 15 year old boy gets the power to control the world of simulation, the world that we live in. Now he thinks himself a god and rules over the world in his own way. Let's see if anyone is able to stop him.... My Instagram: _adrsha

_adrsha · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings