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Hacking Special Armed Forces System

My name is Sophia Elizabeth Moiriana. I have become a goddess with the help of my system. I am also a hacker as well as a Special armed Forces agent. I am also a singer and an actress. how cool is that, You can say I am a jack of all trades. the system allows me to travel to many different worlds which is amazing. follow me as I travel to different worlds.

BellaEstrella · Magical Realism

War Between Worlds

After discovering Solana's abilities, she becomes an outcast from her foster family. Solana Hestrelia began to search for a new home in a place where aristocrats are being despised and hated. On her errand, she met the man called Nameless a despicable and mysterious person. Solana discovered Nameless's secret, who has been living for hundreds of years, who cannot be called a human nor demon and continuously wandering the world forgetting every person he met, even his real name. Nameless did not hesitate to kill Solana by ripping her from behind with his claws but he halted as Solana requested him a name—Saro, that sounds so familiar that made him cry silently. Where would be the past that Nameless has been searching for? Where would Solana found the place she really belongs to? In their meeting, what untold stories will be unveild? In their journey of discovering the truth, does falling in love necessary?

Peri_Camarino · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

The Journey of the Bratty Chosen Ones

iwillalwaysdream · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings


Worldish is a sci-fi/fantasy. **** A young man finds a way to transport to different worlds, meeting people and friends in the process. **** Things that this webnovel HAS: Alcohol and drug references, death/peril, fight scenes, kissing (no tongue), MENTIONS of affairs and sexual assault* Things that this webnovel DOESN’T HAVE: Harem, language, over-the-top gore, smut/lemon/sex, etc. *When it mentions/talks about sexual assault, it is definitely NOT over-the-top. The victims are treated well, and the assaulter is punished. I do not include graphic details. Remember, these are serious problems. If you are being sexually assaulted/abused, then tell someone immediately. These are not things to joke around about. I do not put it in here for fun. I put it in there to spread awareness and put context into some characters’ backgrounds if they have a bad past. Rating: PG-13

Haloshimi · Fantasy
Not enough ratings