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Golden Veined

Golden Veined

Life has always been easy for the supernatural. you have your mate that you're destined to be with and they would love you unconditionally. At least that's what it is supposed to be. What happens when you are a succubus hybrid like your mother. You both are friends with gods that visit your supernatural realm for vacation. The Egyptian god Anubis gives you a present that changes everything in your life? Golden Veined is the story of Jaycie. She is a succubus hybrid who lives in Ash city. A city known for a wide variety of supernatural creatures. Although there is diversity it does not mean hybrids are very much liked. Especially when the hybrid is not known about. The secrets will be revealed and surely will cause Jaycie to do a lot of thinking. Especially on what to do when she meets her pure blood obsessed, arrogant, sadistic mate, Ethaniel, the alpha to a very intimidating pack that lives in the other side of Ash City. ****quick preview***** "Jaycie I can't go any further." he whispered placing his forehead on mine and smiling sadly. I poured at him and cupped his face in my hands. "Why? Why can't you? We are going to be together as long as I live. So why the hell not?" I asked sternly. I could feel my cheeks beating up from getting mad but all I could focus on was his laugh. A laugh that happened because of my impatient questions. "Because otherwise I would....." (sorry you guys just a short tease. please work with me as this is my first story and I was on edge of posting it. There is no cover for this story because I really want to create my own so I do apologize about that. Any ways I hope you end up liking it!!! thank you!)

Bailie_Neubauer · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings