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Ethereal Creator of Realms

Ethereal Creator of Realms

I have this story on Webnovel.com Scribblehub.com and Royalroad.com I have deleted my series on Tapas.io I am on P A T R E O N, besides these websites I have this on Amazon ---------------------------------------------- Ethereal. A Primordial Storm. A Hyper-Sentient Being A God? No. But his creations seem to think so? Whole worlds sculpted from his own body. Countless denizens living and breathing on and within his worlds. Immortal Powerful Overseers descended from one born in the primordial Origin. Massive Guardians Dragons that birthed all dragon-kind.All serving you, all look up to you. Yet you say no, you are not a God. Because I am not. I can be hurt. I can be killed. I have limits. My Power is Finite, not Infinite. Thus I am not a god. I used to think It was only me in the void, but I am not alone.

Ethereal13 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings