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Diabolik Alcoholic: Haunted Striped Sweater

Diabolik Alcoholic: Haunted Striped Sweater

Um, hi guys! My name is Yui Komori! I'm the princess of a powerful clan of a rich and powerful family and we go on all sorts of amazing adventures! They're a bit weird, but they're all wonderful nonetheless! (Please don't take her words seriously; she's got a few screws loose. Here's the REAL story: Yui Komori was duped by her father to stay in the mansion of a rich Japanese politician and discovers the politician's son(s) are all vampires! But somehow, this doesn't bother her and she decides to stay with them despite the obvious risks of dying due to her hidden secret. After finding out who she really is as well as uncovering the dark secrets of her body as well as the mansion, she and the boys stop the madness in order to reach the goal of defeating Karlheinz, the brother's father and the rich politician who owns the house.)

OriginalContentCop · Teen
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