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Dharma of the lost forgotten past

Dharma of the lost forgotten past

The story setting is in the ancient days of the rich Philippine Islands, many years prior to the colonization of the Spaniards. The whole country Philippines prior to the arrival of western colonizers was divided by different kingdoms and initially there was peace in all of the places and trading among kingdoms was common. Tragedy began when people started being influenced by greed of power and riches, forgetting the original teachings given by the Almighty to the divine sages, gurus, yogis, priests and shamans. The three main characters Akash, Saggi and Sevakshiva were initiated by a divine sage with an unknown name; unlocking their third-eye seeing the ancient past and little view of the future - journeyed to different kingdoms among the islands to forge evil, bring back the wisdom to the people and contribute to the efforts of bringing kingdoms back to peace and unity. While on the efforts of bringing back peace and unity to the whole regions, they were set on a journey of looking for the lost treasure of Dharma that will awaken people's hearts and minds which is the main key to restoring the peace and harmony everyone is longing.

visayanyogi · History
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