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The Life Of CEO Subtitute Lover (BL)

The Life Of CEO Subtitute Lover (BL)

He is alone in this world, without family, and without friends. His life changed after his parents died. His world became gray, he couldn't see colors except for black and white. He could realize colors but he couldn't see what color it is. The entertainment circle is the place for him to express his long lost feelings and his vision will be normal when he was acting. In that colorful place, he met the person he liked for the first time. He is the only person he could see with color except for white and black. He thought he found his savior, his knight, he gave him all of his heart but he never knew he was only a substitute for his savior. He came back from the darkness but he was the one throw him back to hell. He knew that this relationship will never end with a happy ending but his heart still broke into pieces [ DISCLAIMER: the picture in the cover is not mine, credit to the owner! :) ]

Hana_Frederica · LGBT+
Not enough ratings