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Fragments of Time

Fragments of Time

Beware when your nightmare becomes a reality. "I will follow you even after your death." Original title: "The Numbers That Brought our Fates Together" ~~~ Have you ever dreamt to have a special power? Like a superhero? But have you ever wondered what price you have to pay for it? Elena Lee has a unique ability – she remembers everything she saw or read at least once. Be it people, books, talks – anything, except one thing. Some of her dreams. The girl has been tormented by nightmares since she was six years old. In those dreams she meets a strange man, he seems trying to save her or… to kill her. But what will Elena do when the man from her dreams suddenly appears before her eyes in reality? And how is it connected with the secret knowledge hidden in her memory which even the girl herself doesn’t know about? While there are some secrets that are better to be kept untold, others are better to be... dead. Welcome to the beginning of the story full of mystery, suspense and deep love that crossed time, fate and memories. ~~~ "I will haunt you like a shadow, take away everything that is dear to you and you won't even notice me," his eyes were shining with the triumphant glee. "Go on! But when you get to the top you will see that all that you have done turned out to be meaningless!" "Is it a bet?" smiled the devil himself and looked with an amusing grin at the person, who kneeled in front of him. Such a disobedient toy, he thought. "It is a bet." "Then let the new game start." --- --- --- You can get in touch with me on Discord: https://discord.gg/8TaPryH Want to support Author? How about ko-fi? https://ko-fi.com/anyanesh --- --- --- Active statistics: - Every 8th reader of this novel is a male reader. - The total amount of words (up to the 370th chapter) is 550000+ (can be compared to 11 books of The Great Gatsby) - Every 12th reader wants to watch a movie based on this novel. Chapters 1-149 - Book 1. Fragments of Time. Status: Completed. Under editing. Chapters 150 - .... - Book 2. Fragments of Time: Fated Souls. Status: Ongoing. *** *** *** The original cover photo is not mine.

Anya_Nesh · Sci-fi Romance
I haven’t forgotten you

I haven’t forgotten you

Disclaimer: The story is somewhat boring maybe because it’s my first story Jiang Nan’s soon to be fiancée , Liu Shu, dies of a brain tumor. Jiang Nan is devastated by this event. Liu Shu has written him a letter before her death stating if she dies she wants Jiang Nan to complete their “After our wedding...” bucket list. Follow Jiang Nan’s adventures and his memories of Liu Shu.

Summer_Youth · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings