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Judgement Of The Forsaken [見捨てられたの判断]

When he opened his eyes , he could see an orb which was prismatic in colour , when he touched it , it glowed and something struck him . Haruki Yukio , an ordinary highschool boy was summoned to a mysterious world along with another seven students , they were requested to fight along the kingdom in a war against The Seven Deadly Devils by the king however the other seven students were blessed with abilities and was made the students of " Seven Universal Soldiers " while Haruki was just summoned by a mistake , his classmate betrayed him during a practice fight in a Dungeon making him fall deeper into the dungeon . Can he survive ? What did he find there ? ---------------------- Instagram : @x_.s.e.e.l._ ---------------------- Copyright Owner's Information : Kurai

_Kurai_4 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings