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Satan's Little Girl

-Satan's Little Girl- Demons and Devils and even Satan himself are nothing compared to his daughter. Clarice Morrigan. Clarice for short. She grew up in hell and has become almost the power Demonis. (Demonis= Queen Demon) Her mother taken from Earth and brought down to hell with child so that Satan could have a daughter. Her horns make her strong, her wings make her soar through the underworld, but her personality makes her evil. What will she do when two humans, a brother and a sister, end up in the underworld with no idea where they are? **DISCLAIMER** LOT'S OF SWEARING. SOME SEXUAL SCENES.

Artsy_Crafter · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Princess of The Underworld

In the UnderWorld where her father the most powerful of evilness out of all the fallen angel known as Lucifer. Being his beloved daughter she has to carry many responsibilities to take her place to be the heir to the throne, in her near future but when things take a hard turn she’s left with revenge and pure darkness in her eyes. As her dear old grandfather and father make a deal that doesn’t please her at all. — DISCLAIMER — If you're religious please don't get upset this book is for enjoyment purposes only. I highly advise if you're sensitive towards your religious then don't read. I don't want to offend anyone.. Thank you! Hope you guys enjoy it! —— Authors Words —— I was update every weekend, three chapters every Friday. I hope all of you enjoy this book. Please leave your opinions in the comments taking every readers words into consideration for this book.

imjulaikmejia · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings